Start your business processes and workflow-driven tasks

directly where your team is already doing work business.

Supercharge the way you use Microsoft Teams for business.

The simplest, smartest Teams app for streamlining and automating your data-and-document-based business processes.

Rapidly replace any manual (or messy) document-and-data approval process with seamless, automated solutions that capture validated information, ensure compliance, mitigate risks, meet audit standards, and implements reliable, consistent procedure every time.

Do Team work with less fuss and more flow.

Get accountable action and consistent completion on the processes and tasks that affect your business, without the pains of paperwork, human-error hassles or fussing over follow-up.

Start business processes and workflows tasks directly in Teams

Activate templates or swiftly automate your organization’s business processes

Manage, monitor and report on business activities

Autopilot is the best workflow solution for:


Streamline the onboarding of new Customers, Vendors or Employees and know that everyone is ready to fly.

Document Approval

Implement electronic forms that can easily be sent for approval, without going off-course or stalling.

and much more...

Leave requests, Expense claims, New Quote requests, Capex requests, Purchase requisitions etc.

Start business processes and workflows directly within Teams.

Easily configurable digital forms and process flow

Built-in and configurable guidance and easy to use templates

Discussion, documents, everything connected to a request all in one place

Simply activate templates and automate your organization’s processes.

Effortlessly get common workflows automated

Clear, consistent, configurable flows and steps

Hands-free movement, automatic notifications, reminders or escalations if set

Manage, monitor and report on all activities, accountable and auditable.

Simple dashboards, easy overview of all action

Instant insights by person, process or task-type

Clear audit trails, rapid reports

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It's time to put your business on Autopilot

TransFORM your document-driven processes and make work business FLOW

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